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About Simpani Tea

Taste the Finest Tea from One of the Best Tea Manufacturers in Nepal !

We Aim for A Sustainable Tea Economy in Nepal !

Paying fair wages and profit-sharing, training farmers, and putting a portion of every transaction back into Nepali communities is the core value of our company and of course, all have positive effect on the locals. A consistent pay improves the living conditions of local farmers and their families. Families would have enough funds to send their children to school. Higher education offers more opportunities for children to escape the poverty loop as they get older. This increased economy further improves the opportunity to attract physicians, providing more access to healthcare for all in the area.

Purchasing Nepali Tea direct from the manufacturer gets you more than just a tasty cup of tea with diverse flavors. It enables you to become a Conscious Consumer, investing your money in environmentally and socially responsible products that make a real meaningful difference.

Customers reviews

I normally drink only black and oolong teas, but after trying this Simpani green tea, it will definitely be one of my additional go to teas.
Wesley Baker
St. Louis, USA
It is the best tasting tea I have ever had. I bought the samplers-and now I am ordering by the box. The smooth taste of your tea is constant whatever tea I order. You guys gave me a free 12 days of Christmas and I thank you for that.
Christy Lee
Dallas, USA
Oh My Heck! I have just discovered your tea! I am in love with the Green Tea! I was so excited about your teas that I returned to the place I bought them from (40Miles one way!) and bought sampler packs for my sisters! We are always on the lookout for fun, unique, and fresh teas. I think we have hit the jackpot!
Mike Sendler
Madrid, Spain